Alesis Quadraverb multi effects unit 1989 to 1994

In this case, for some odd reason, I didn’t buy another Yamaha product. It makes even less sense, as the Yamaha SPX-90, 900, 1000 multi-effects units were industry standards. Once again it came down to bangs to bucks, at least in terms of the specs on paper. I recall the sales guy at the store telling me that the Yamaha SPX-1000 “gets records made”. For some reason, that bit of rhetoric pissed me off, and I think I may have partially bought the Quadraverb out of spite.

Alesis Quadraverb multi effects unit 1989 to 1994 Alesis Quadraverb multi effects unit

Though the Quadraverb was capable of multiple simultaneous effects, there was a trade off in quality depending on how many effects were used. The presets also seemed to lean towards sounding harsh and screechy. All told, a combination of the Quadraverb, the FM synths, and a lack of mixing and recording experience contributed to the thin and screechy aspects of the music we were doing, most notably with the vocals. Then again, there was also a strong psychological component to why the vocals turned out the way they did.

The Quadraverb went missing around 1993/94.