The Neon

Sexting... with tears in my eyes

This sort of raises the question - Is a failed imitation still flattering?

I am periodically compelled to pay sloppy tribute to my stylistically formative years - the early 80s. Fortunate or not, “New Romantic” synth bands like Ultravox, snippets of Visage, Alphaville, Heaven 17, and Yaz come to mind, also the moderately healthy diet of movies like Blade Runner, Videodrome, and Liquid Sky. In the early days of The Fourth Man my band mates probably would have quashed the idea, but no one gives a crap now, so please feel free to cringe at/enjoy the kinder, gentler side of T4M. Oh, and those “pitchy” notes I’m not quite hitting? Those are “blue notes”. Respectfully, fuck you, Auto-tune.

…And if the other kids on the playground make fun of you for being a robot, remind them that it’s repliCAN, not repliCANT.

Then poke out their eyes.

- Mr. Collings