Korg SQD-1 sequencer 1989

Korg SQD-1 sequencer 1989 Korg SQD-1 sequencer

This sequencer looked great on paper, and was a fine example of specs and packaging versus practical application. Not only did it have double the memory of the QX-21, but it also could save the information onto these odd floppy disks called “quick” disks. Also, it just looked like it would be a better device than it turned out to be. Unfortunately, it had fewer editing capabilities, so it seemed to make more sense to synch both machines up and bounce QX-21 data onto the SQD-1. In theory this should have worked, as I’d been able to synch up the QX-21 and multiple drum machines in the past. Not so, however. There was a horrific lag between the devices, and it’s sole purpose turned out to be the completion of “Dare”. After that, I attempted to use it to back up a few ideas onto quick disks, with a 30% chance that they would load up the next time.

I’m not sure, but I might have traded it for a bag of powdered milk.