1996 - "onaniershow"


Same great gear, new sense of futility

Misplaced and/or erased, until I found a ratty cassette in the late 2000s, the follow up Fourth Man CD, tentatively titled “onaniershow” was written between 1994-96, and hurriedly recorded and mixed in about a week. It was left unfinished and unreleased at the time. Since the cassette dub of the lost digital master was pretty beaten up, no amount of re-mastering could iron out all of the trademark cassette wobble.

At this point, T4M had basically become a solo side project to working in Numb, and it’s equal parts painful and amusing to hear me flail around.

Once again, as a “bonus”, superfluous extended liner notes about this time period are available in the “onaniershow” section, with plenty of technobabble and audio from live shows.