Yamaha DDS-20M sampling delay pedal 1988-1989

This foot pedal was significantly cheaper than the digital multi-effects units available at the time, and it had an added bonus that when dynamically changing delay times, the pitch of the delayed sounds would smoothly change pitch. I was a big fan of this particular effect. Some digital delay units had a tendency to click and stutter when the delay times were changed.

Yamaha DDS-20M sampling delay pedal 1988-1989 Yamaha DDS-20M sampling delay pedal

An added bonus was that it had a “sample” feature, which allowed you to record a small portion of audio and re play it when you stomped the pedal. Considering that samplers were about $1000-2000 at the entry level, this seemed to be pretty viable solution.

It became more of a noisy novelty in terms of its’ use as a professional tool, but it was helpful in terms of learning how to use timed delay returns and in using an effects unit as an “instrument”.